Interrobang: Pregnancy & Omegaverse w Merritt Kopas

This is Interrobang! Available exclusively to Acast+ subscribers! Sign up now to get access to this and other bonus content from Tina Horn and Why Are People Into That?! An interrobang is when a question mark and an exclamation point are next to each other. Really. That’s the actual name for that. On this episode of Interrobang, my guest is Merrit K. She’s the host of the Woodland Secrets podcast and the editor of the anthology Video Games for Humans. She is also very funny and prolific on Twitter @merrittkopas. Merritt told me about two related sexual interests that I really didn’t know very much about: pregnancy fetishes and the Omegaverse. What the actual fuck is that? Keep listening and find out! Interrobang is produced and hosted by Tina Horn. Follow @TinaHornsAss on Twitter and Instagram and visit

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