Interrobang: Jacq the Stripper's Striptastic Sex Advice!

“You’re still a Madonna to everyone else but maybe you’re a little bit of a whore for him sometimes” In this special episode of Interrobang, my guest is Jacq the Stripper, a writer, comedian, stripper and illustrator. She is kickstarting Striptastic! a full-color coffee-table book of illustrations, interviews, and data collected from a survey she conducted with nearly 300 strippers from around the world. The campaign ends the morning of Sept 7th but you can buy the book and some other excellent stripper swag in perpetuity by visiting to pledge that shit! We recorded a full-length conversation about why people are into strip clubs, but in this preview we answer a sex advice question from a fan. To find out what jack and I think about grappling with the Madonna-Whore complex, listen now! Interrobang is the name of the short exclooosive segment that you get when you subscribe to YAPIT on Acast because you just can’t get enough uncensored pervert conversation. But I’m releasing this one on the regular Why Are People Into That feed so you can get… a taste. Download the ACast App to find out more!

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