This year's next Lamar Jackson, Chris Godwin and more

Andy Behrens is joined by Alfred Fernandez of Razzball and Dynasty League Football to talk about the real strategy for winning your fantasy league: landing breakout players.

On this episode of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Andy and Alfred discuss two pieces Alfred wrote called This Year’s Next (Part I & Part II) and the conceit is simple: Finding value is nice but it’s not everything. In the end, you need to find superstars.

So, Andy and Alfred set out to find this year’s studs, this year’s superlatives. For example, this time last year, a young handsome analyst by the name of Andy Behrens might’ve told you that Lamar Jackson would be that year’s Patrick Mahomes ... and he would’ve been right.

Continuing along that theme, Andy and Alfred outline for you who will be 2020’s Jameis Winston (good fantasy QB, bad IRL QB), Miles Sanders (rookie RB with a slow start and strong finish), Mark Andrews (high-volume TE) and much more.

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