Combine impressions, free agency hopes and pressing questions for the AFC + NFC North

The scouting combine is over; now 7 weeks of speculation begins as to where the 2019 class of rookies will land and how the draft will be affected by free agency and trades reshuffling the deck. Will Kyler Murray go first overall? If so, where will Josh Rosen be traded? Could the ever-erratic Raiders make a splash and land Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown?

Yahoo Sports' Liz Loza and Matt Harmon kick off this week's podcast with a discussion about the major news stories coming out of this year's combine: where Josh Rosen should be traded, this years' crazy class of WRs and even more impressive crop of defensive players (3:40).

Next they discuss a few key free agents who could be wearing new unis by the end of next week: Adam Humphries, DeSean Jackson, Golden Tate and Le'Veon Bell (15:00).

Later, Matt wraps up his series of pressing questions for each team in the league, starting with the Browns, Bengals, Steelers and Ravens in the AFC North (23:45) and closing with the Lions, Packers, Vikings and Bears of the NFC North (38:00).

The show closes with a brand new segment: Liz and Matt's Advice Line (49:55). They answer your voicemails about anything: fantasy football, food, dogs, kids, relationships, etc. This week Liz answers a question about the time she was almost cast in the cult classic, "The Room." Don't worry, the tale has a moral with universal applications. Hear your question on a future episode by calling 888-85-YAHOO. 

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