Episode 1: Crabs

Join Yahoo Finance's Head of UK Finance, Lianna Brinded, as she explores crab mentality with renowned neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart.

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The Jungle podcast is a new 10-part series that unpacks productivity lessons from nature, with Dr Swart explaining crab mentality in episode one. Dr Swart reveals her top strategy for surviving a stressful work environment.

"This isn't just all about leadership and business, it's about primal human behaviours and the crab is a really good analogy for not being able to let go and getting locked into a certain behaviour or way of thinking and once you're on that path it's sort of like a failure to admit to behave that way and you should go and behave differently," said Dr. Swart, who is also a medical doctor, Faculty at MIT Sloan, and award-winning author of Neuroscience for Leadership and The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life.


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