The Star Wars (Novelist) Episode

Claudia Gray, Delilah Dawson and Ken Liu have authored nearly a dozen original Star Wars stories between them. They join the Writers Who Don’t Write this week to discuss writing within the Star Wars universe and everything that encompasses. Claudia Gray is the author of Lost Stars, Bloodline, and Leia; Princess of Alderaan in addition to 13 other novels. Find more at Delilah Dawson is the author of Phasma and The Perfect Weapon, as well as more than twenty other novels and comics. Find more at Ken Liu is the author of Legends of Luke Skywaker as well as The Paper Menagerie and The Grace of Kings. Find more at Writers Who Don’t Write is brought to you by Sudio Sweden headphones. You can get your own pair of headphones by using discount code 'WWDW' which will give you 15% off any purchase! Go to and enter the code 'WWDW' at checkout. Writers Who Don’t Write is supported by CastBox, the fastest growing podcast app around. Try it for yourself today. 
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