Amy Rose Spiegel

Amy Rose Spiegel is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. Currently, she’s the editor-in-chief of Talkhouse Music, where musicians become critics and essayists. Previously, she was a story editor at Rookie and an associate editor at BuzzFeed. She is the creator behind Enormous Eye. Her first book, Action: A Book About Sex, was published by Grand Central in 2016. She speaks with the Writers Who Don’t Write about her career, her writing, and the one story she always struggled to tell.  The music you hear at the top and the bottom of the episode is from Ryan Dann of Holland Patent Public Library.  The music you hear in the middle of the show is from Ben Sound.  You can find Amy Rose Spiegel at her website or on Twitter and Instagram This episode was brought to you by Care/of. Go to and take the quiz to get your personalized vitamin recommendation. Use offer code “WRITE” to get 50% off your first month of Care/of.  

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