Tim Adler, author of 'Dead Already' - Thriller writer talks about thorough plotting, irony, and always being a student.

Tim Adler has always been around words. He's a journalist who has written for The Times and the FT, been a commissioning editor at The Daily Telegraph, and edited magazines. His fourth novel is 'Dead Already', it's a psychological thriller that crosses both the gangster and ghost-story genres.'Dead Already' is the story of an East End Gangster who becomes haunted by the ghost of his dead daughter. We talk about where the idea came from, how he got on crossing genres, and why writing for him... is mostly problem solving.Even with a career constantly being around words, before becoming a novelist Tim went back to school, and he chats about why he believes people, particularly writers, should always be learning.We talk about how he revisits drafts with a fresh eye before editing, why he believes irony is the linchpin of storytelling, and how he leaves space for change whilst being a thorough plotter. If you'd like to support the show, please do pledge at patreon.com/writersroutine.Also you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.@writerspodwritersroutine.com

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