Phoebe Locke, author of summer hit 'The July Girls' - Thriller writer talks strict timing, getting to know your killer, and pseudonyms

After achieving great success with her debut novel, 'The Tall Man', Phoebe Locke is back with a new summer-hit, 'The July Girls'. It tells the story of murders that happen every year on exactly the same day, and the quest to track down who is doing it, and why. Originally it was a short story that never saw escaped the top drawer, and Phoebe explains why she's happy about that, and why the characters stuck with her enough to revisit their story.

Phoebe has a very strict method of writing - the Pomodoro Technique. 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off. When she writes throughout the day is flexible though and she chats about why she'll write early sometimes, and late on others. We talk a lot about characterisation, and how she wants that to set her apart from other genre-writers, and you can hear why she thinks that gimmicks sometimes really help to tell a story.

She is also known by Nicci Cloke, and has written many books under that - her actual name. We find out why she's taken Phoebe Locke for these stories, and why pseudonyms can be really useful.



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