Paul French, author of 'Murders of Old China' - Writer of brand new Audible series talks finding clues in the past, writing for audio, and knowing how to research.

Paul French has just released a 12 part audio series, 'Murders of Old China', through Audible. As the name suggests, it tells the stories of unsolved crimes from the early 20th century of China. We talk about how Paul discovered these crimes, and then set about researching them and possibly even solving them.

As this has been specifically made for Audible, we talk about whether that changed his writing style: is there something different about telling stories for ears rather than eyes? For Paul, the secret seems to be in research - he will spend hours trawling through newspapers and old stories looking for the little line that he needs, we talk about the joy that it gives him, and how he knows he's onto the right track.

He knows China well, living there for nearly 20 years as a journalist and book reviewer, and published 'Midnight in Peking' to huge success. It was a New York Times Bestseller, and was awarded a number of prestigious crime awards.

We also get a distinguished ritual from history with Mason Currey giving us an extract from his new book 'Daily Rituals: Women at Work'



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