J.H. Tepley - Writer's Routine #36

Mindfulness coach, teacher, writer and warrior in spirit, Jay Tepley brings us this week's 'Writer's Routine'!

For Jay, everything in the world is energy, and because of this, everything is interconnected and the realisation of this can give humans the closest thing to superpowers. It allows her to see through time, talk to the dead, interact with the inanimate, and she teaches these tricks of extended perception in her 'Ariya Mind Training' programme.

Her book 'The Lightwatch Chronicles: The Guardians', is a book designed to awaken these powers within those who have them. It's a fantasy epic, in line with The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, about a group of 'Stars' searching for a lost member of their team and becoming stranded on Earth in the chase. We talk about how the story just appeared to her and be commanded to be put down on paper. Also you can hear the mental blueprint that she made to get it published, and how she packed such grand ideas about the Universe into a 200-odd page fantasy novel.

And, we get a top writing tip from Garrard Conley about how the secret to telling a good story, is reading more of them.

NB - Levels are a bit off during the actual interview, can't be helped I'm afraid, the recording was a bit too quiet. MY BAD.



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