Ericka Waller, author of 'Dog Days' - Debut author discusses the balance between light and shade, learning from loss, and keeping family time.

Ericka Waller's published debut is 'Dog Days', which tells the story of George, Dan, Lizzie and the dogs that bind their lives and emotions together. The word-play in the title gets to the heart of the book. It's a joyous and uplifting story about the heartbreak of mental illness, and it's about the small changing moments that occur when we let the light in.

We talk about the times of tragedy that prompted Ericka to write the book, and how her favourite band helped her with the initial idea. You can hear how she balances a full family life with her writing, and how she pushed on through early letters of rejection letters. We discuss the guilt of when the words won't come out, the beat-sheet she uses to help her with the plot, how she's utterly confident in her characters, and why she's writing just for fun at the moment.

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