Fiona Barton - Journalist turned Psychological Thriller author talks new book 'The Suspect', the perfect time to write and when to plan.

Fiona Barton is an award-winning journalist, worked as a senior writer at the 'Mail on Sunday' and reported on many high profile cases. After covering crime for so long, she thought it time to invent some of her own.

Her third book, 'The Suspect', details two 18 year old girls who go missing on a gap-year, which reminds journalist Kate Waters of her own son, who is off travelling, that hasn't been seen in 2 years. You can hear how Fiona came up with the idea, and what she immediately did when it came to her. Fiona rises when the sun tells her to, and straight away she'll get down to work - we talk about the secret to that, how she knows when to stop, and how her writing style has changed 3 novels in.

We get a top writing tip that may change the way you work forever from one of the hottest authors of 2019, and there's news of a way you can get on the show.


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