Barbara Nadel - Writer's Routine #29

29, feeling fine...ish. Ok, we're barely keeping it together. This book isn't what I thought it would be and so far my writing process is changing the cork-board colour on Scrivener. If this is you, you've in the right place.

Mystery-writer Barbara Nadel brings us this week Writer's Routine. This year, 2018, she will publish her 29th and 30th novels. She's only been putting them out there for 19 years - we'll try and get to the bottom of that incredibly prolific work-rate in the next 30 minutes. Barbara is best known for her 'Inspector Ikmen Mysteries', set in Istanbul which blends the geography, politics and romance of Turkey with one victim's grisly end - 'no matter where you are in the world, there's always a murder-mystery to be solved'. She has also published crime and thriller mysteries around the East End of London, we talk about the differences in writing her different settings.

Also, we talk about the 3 things she needs to know before she starts typing, what she thinks about 'guilty pleasures', and the twist of fate that helped her first book get published. Our writing tip that may change the way you work forever is all about names, and the creative ways you can find them for your characters.

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