Amy Heydenrych, author of 'The Pact' - Crime author talks brooding over stories, analysing her work, and breaking her own rules.

Amy Heydenrych has been brooding on the idea for her latest novel, 'The Pact', for some time now. After experiencing office bullying in an old job, she thought about how the feelings it caused, and how they could lead to the plot of a crime novel. The story is all about Freya, Nicole and Jay, and the harmless prank that leads to murder.

It's her second novel, after her debut 'Shame on You' achieved critical and commercial success in 2017. We talk about what she learned from writing that that affected how she told her new story, and why it took a bit longer to write than originally planned. We chat about her writing day, and writing year, and why for her new book she wrote new rules for herself... and then immediately broke them.

Also, you can hear from author Mason Currey, who gives us a distinguished writing routine from history. His new book 'Daily Rituals: Women at Work' is out now, and he takes us inside the working day of Isabel Allende.

Heres the Hugh Montgomery article I mention at the end, if you do want to get clued up before next week -

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