Louise Candlish, British Book Award Winner - 'Our House' author talks having an unusual hook, following up on success and almost giving up.

Louise Candlish's 'Our House' was one of the biggest books of 2018, it's sold more than 200,000 copies, been read all over the world and won 'Best Crime and Thriller Fiction' at the 'British Book Awards'. It so nearly wasn't the case though. A few years ago, disappointed with her success and publisher, Louise almost gave up - until the kernel of a story came to her, something that had never been done before, a thriller centred around property fraud. We talk about that spark during the episode, and how she grew it to become an award-winning novel.

She's back with the brand new book, 'Those People', and we chat about how she plotted to follow up on her success, and why at the moment she's having to think and talk about 3 separate books at the same time. Also you can hear about how her writing routine has changed over time, and how she's managed to switch through genres easily.

You'll get a top writing tip from one of the UK's best children's authors too.

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