Mark Edwards - Writer's Routine #18

Crime and Thriller writer Mark Edwards brings us our first Writer's Routine of 2018!

With 7 solo-books to his name, and 6 co-written works, a few years ago Mark finally turned into a full-time writer. His novels have a dedicated following, who crave stories packed with suspense, mystery and the frequent feeling that something supernatural may turn up.

Mark is in the mould of Ruth Rendell or Stephen King, and like many full-time writers, has to squeeze his work between the hours the kids are at school! We talk about what he thinks his characteristic style is, how his story-scheduling changes from one book to the next, and also how, very occasionally, a whole planned out plot will just appear in his head. His solo work includes the bestselling 'The Magpies', 'Because She Loves Me' and 'Follow You Home'.

Also, we get 10 top writing tips from some of the 10 greatest writers in history.



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