Garrard Conley - Writer's Routine #35

This week we take a skim through the daily diary of Garrard Conley!

Garrard's memoir 'Boy Erased' has just been released in the UK, it's critically acclaimed in the USA and will be released as a film starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe later in 2018. It tells the story of how he escaped gay conversion therapy, after being outed to his Baptist parents and given an ultimatum to change, or to leave.

It's an incredible conversation as Garrard, thankfully, completely gets and is fascinated by the whole point of the show! We talk about how he relived those harrowing experiences to write it down in memoir, how he knew which parts of his past to exploit for the audience, and the curious focusing tasks he uses to get in the 'writing zone'.

We've done something different with this show too. Normally I will, quite forensically, edit our chats with authors, but it just seemed wrong for this. Who was I to decide which part of Garrard's story we should hear? It's all mind-blowing, shocking and - most importantly for us - full of top tips to help you get writing.


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