15 Dragonheart 08.01.21 Community Special - Extended Version

Mark Griffiths and Chey Long talk about the community work which is so important to the club. Plus, Steve Lloyd fills us in on the excellent Dragon Chat initiative.

Dragon Chat is a regular Zoom chat, open to all men aged 18 and over, offering mental health support.

With Male suicide at it’s highest rate for 20 years, we want to provide the space and opportunity for our male supporters to talk.

The initiative will take place every Thursday at 7:00pm, lasting for approximately 90 minutes. The peer support group will be free of charge and there will be no registration required.

We will have to start virtually (zoom) with the aim of becoming a physical group meeting when the current restrictions on COVID-19. There will be a minimum of two experienced facilitators within the group who will be there to ensure everyone is listened to and respected.

The overall objective of the group is to reduce male suicide and provide support for males with any form of mental health concern. By providing a safe place where people feel they have somewhere to talk, without judgement, we will start to tackle the challenges of mental health which exist in our local community. We aim to deliver a community group for men which they can belong to and know they don’t have to face issues in isolation.

The link is below, please feel free to join us. You must be over 18 to participate.


Meeting ID: 932 3703 1780
Passcode: 271213