The Catalyst behind Yianni's Mindset Training

This week, Wrestling Mindset founder Gene Zannetti has a long talk with four-time NCAA Champion & Wrestling Mindset Partner Yianni Diakomihalis.

Together, they discuss his relationship with his father and how psychological warfare helped build his resilience. The ordeal of going through injury, surgery, and a 13-month recovery. And how you can grow your mindset with little things like daily tasks, realizing when you're off, and understanding that you have to make sacrifices to be good.


0:57 - Sacrifices needed to be good

5:26 - Different needs for every wrestler

7:33 - Building resilience with psychological warfare

16:41 - Some days, you're just mad

19:15 - The importance of daily tasks

21:39 - Anybody can win any tournament one time

27:48 - Don't let your attention get divided

30:15 - The ordeal of an injury

39:02 - Relaxed wrestling

46:12 - It's not about being tough

52:46 - Realizing when you're off

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