Wrestling is 95% Mental on Match Day

Are you ready for success? This week Wrestling Mindset founders Gene and Jeff Zannetti continue going through their best selling book, ''Developing the Predator Mindset''. This week is Chapter 1, Mindset Training for Success, where they break down long standing debates like the influence of spirit and mind in wrestling and should you work harder, smarter, or both.


0:26 - Gene reads chapter 1 of "Developing the Predator Mindset"

422 - How mental is wrestling?

13:00 - Spirit, Mind and Body

15:44 - Work harder or smarter?

17:23 - Can't outwork mental training

21:36 - Weight loss mindset

26:37 - Active Cords by Dr. Yessis

Developing the Predator Mindset (Amazon Book)


Active Cords by Dr. Michael Yessis


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