WWE Returns & NXT Debuts! WWE Raw Feb. 3, 2020 Review!

Well, this was a packed old episode of Raw! Seems like all the creative side of WWE is on the red brand rather than the blue side of the business currently. We had a couple of NXT debuts/returns and another return! Plus, there was more great stuff between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins! Luke and Oli dive into this week's Raw, and talk about Becky Lynch's stupid glasses.

Theme music by Jade Starr

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00:34 - Intro

04:41 - WWE Returns & NXT Debuts!

18:04 - $25+ Pledgehammer Shoutouts

20:55 - Superchat Party!

23:21 - WWE Raw, Feb. 3, 2020 Review

50:06 - Superchat Party!

58:08 - Outro


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