Episode Fifty Three - Q&A

This episode of the podcast is Guy and Tim's Question and Answer session at Cinefamily, LA that was conducted immediately before the final watch of Grown Ups 2. A packed out audience of about 150 fans had their opportunity to ask what needed to be asked. Where's the knife? Where's Tanya? Where are the tattoos? All will be revealed. As best as Tim can hear them, here are the questions which were off-mic from the crowd:

1) How are you enjoying Los Angeles?

2) Are you guys as excited about Grown Ups 2 as we are?

3) What do you do in New Zealand, when you're not watching the movie?

4) Guy went to Europe for a month. I was wondering if Tim could give a Mystery Tour as to why.

5) Why did you do this?

6) Given the way you feel about the movie, what do you want us to take away from this viewing?

7) When this is over, what's next?

8) You've seen this movie a lot of ways at this point, but never with this many people or in a cinema so how do you feel about that?

9) Was there any reason why Guy kept falling asleep?

10) When you guys encounter this movie in the wild, like a friend's house or on TV, what's your gut reaction?

11) Do you feel any guilt for the amount of people that are now watching Grown Ups 2?


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