DirCom: Baby Geniuses 2 - Superbabies

Originally recorded and released for our Patreon supporters in April 2017.
The ghost of director Bob Clark is joined by Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 producer Steven Paul in a vocal booth to lay down the audio commentary for their 2004 sequel to family-friendly hit of the 1999 hit of the summer, Baby Geniuses. Sadly, Mr Clark's untimely departure from the mortal world is worsened by a tequila addiction and the toll on his voice is audible. Marvel in wonder at how a set of film makers manage to cram the delightful duo of Trump supporters (Scott Baio and Jon Voight) against Weird Science's Vanessa Angel set against rotating backdrops of modern day childcare facilities and cold war-era East Germany.


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