And Just Like That... Part 6 (w/ Olivia Deeble)

Tim and Guy are joined by the wickedly talented Olivia Deeble (Home & Away, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, More Than This). Olivia has been watching the series and asks the very valid question... What exactly is the timeline of this show!? Does each character live on their own? Carrie has an insane relationship to property, Miranda is struggling with her sexual identity (and her best friends), Charlotte is making some sort of an effort with her children, Samantha continues to be dragged into this project. Steve is MIA and this is frankly, unacceptable. Also in this XXL episode, the physics of ice in whiskey and Guy's Hand-up System get intense scrutiny. The trio ultimately decide acting in AJLT is Overall Good, the directing is Overall Inconsistent and every out-of-work Broadway actor is, Overall In This Show (INCLUDING JONATHAN GROFF). SPOILER ALERT - Tim discusses the Matrix in this episode.

OLIVIA DEEBLE: Insta (@OliviaDeeble)

MUSIC CREDIT: Intro - People Need Goals / Outro - ampersandschwa

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