AJLT S02E11 w/ Alice Snedden

Cue up Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye, because this eleven-episode dalliance with old friends and enemies is coming to its inevitable conclusion. What better way to see off the gals than with a hallowed friend of the podcast, Alice Snedden! 

All of Carrie's friends, new and old (mostly new), pack into her old apartment to remind us who has been introduced to the series and just how insufferable they are. Alice and the lads speculate as to who they would most and least like to sit beside, and even borrow some of Carrie's party games. Alice discusses relationships, both her own and those of the boys, birthing the concept for a hot new talk show for her to host. Kim Cattrall makes her long-awaited (and very isolated) return to the series, prompting speculation as to just how much she raked in for what was likely an hour-long shoot. 

The only thing more stuffed than the And Just Like That finale is this episode of the pod.

Intro theme: Brendan Lordan

Outro theme: Sterling

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