Miranda is worried about her son Brady because he is getting really good at making French fries, and the boys have reason to suspect he is rediscovering his true identity. In fact, his rediscovery of rats may even be the reason behind his romantic tryst with Lily (of Charlotte and Runkle fame), and before the end of the season, we just might see the ascendance of a new Rat Queen. Che Diaz is getting back into stand up, Herbert Wexley is showing his true colours, and while we still have time, Tim ranks the core characters in the...And Just Like That universe from most to least likeable: the results WILL NOT SHOCK YOU. We also run unnecessarily biological (yet still unlikely) analysis on a surfer dude's penis. And Tim curses (by saying Crud).

Intro theme: Brendan Lordan

Outro theme: Sterling

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