AJLT S02E06 w/ Greg Davies

In this week's episode of the show, the gals are inexplicably joined by a Bomb Cyclone! While in this week's episode of the podcast Tim and Guy are inexplicably joined by comedy titan, Greg Davies! Greg runs the lads through his discovery of and relationship to Sex and the City, with some surprising similarities to themselves. This conversation covers Greg's genuine disappointment at the show finding its feet, the exciting possibilities of a Che Diaz spinoff, some fascinating visual choices in how to represent a snow storm in Manhattan and why Herbert Wexley may be emerging as the season's villain. There is also a food comparison and much discussion as to how and why ‘And Just Like That…’ is like an occasionally delicious but wholly unpredictable, ever changing sandwich.

Intro theme: Brendan Lott

Outro theme: Sterling

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