39: Pool Party

It's time for a pool party, legitimately. The weather is fine, the sun is radiant and unprotected over the nation of New Zealand. Tim's pool is conspicuously clean and so the boys begin the episode either in, or freshly out of, the pool. Guy, like a little lizard on a rock, pitches a business idea for the gentlemen with little legs and thin calves to help give them a bit more body confidence at the beach. Tim confesses to who is in charge between him and Rufus (his dog) and the results may shock you. Both boys also apply liberal amounts of sunscreen to their thighs and nowhere else. The movie Fast and Furious 4 comes under some delightful scrutiny before the boys try and figure out how in the hell Tokyo Drift is gonna link up with this, helping them realize they've mixed too many paints in the bucket and the whole franchise has gone brown.

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