37: Real Rod

The Frosty Fellaz are back in the game because Emmanuelle has now decided to go Through Time for the franchise finale mini-series: Emmanuelle Through Time: Rod Steele 0014 & Naked Agent 0069. We're on a ROMP through time and space in a sex-powered, double ballooned blimp of all star soft core pornography. This exciting entry into the franchise sees a mash up of the world famous(?) Rod Steele franchise and the expansive world of Emmanuelle and also joining the fray - ACTUAL COMEDY! Steele is a Bond parody that keeps karate chopping young bucks and Tim and Guy are here for it.

To see the mentioned "Who's on first" style Guy Man Scene, you can risk going to 22:11 at this dodgy web address: https://xhamster2.com/videos/emmanuelle-through-time-softcore-2890011

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MUSIC CREDIT: Tender Moonlight (facebook.com/TenderMoonlight)

ART CREDIT: Tomas Cottle (sick-days.com)

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