31: Do Not Support These Boiz

Tim and Guy wax lyrical up top about the Midas touch they have on any media organization they do business with before diving into the meat and potatoes of a brand new movie: Fast 5, aka Fast 5ive.

The movie with the biggest F in show business has both of our hosts excited. The location is singular, the stakes are clear, the stunts are tactile. Does Fast Five (5ive) represent an exciting new direction in the Furi-verse where these movies are actually...fun to watch? Guy experiences either preemptive or remarkably delayed grief and nostalgia for the loss of Paul Walker, while The Rock arrives on the scene with smaller arms, less self-confidence and the absolutely insane choice to flit between saying sumbitch and son of a bitch. Will the movie always play this well? Or is this just the blush of a first watch? Only time will tell.

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