27: Titplay.com.au w/ Naomi Higgins & Humyara Mahbub

Naomi and Hum’s show Why Are You Like This? is on Netflix from April 16!

The boiz are excited and overwhelmed to discover this is the FIRST MOVIE in the Emmanuelle 2000 and establishes the rules and world of the seven Emmanuelle 2000 films they have already watched. Everything makes a lot of sense. Naomi spots an onscreen labia, reveals she’s been to Taco Bell with Hum and shares a bedroom trick that will make your man go crazy and beg you to stop! (because the joke got old). Hum’s very in to the look of our current Emmanuelle and is concerned about the current state of adult content online and whether someone’s going to “break a tit”. Unfortunately NOTE: Tim was unable to buy titplay.com.au because he does have a registered company in Australia (yet) – so it is up for grabs!

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