17: Scar Tissue w/ David O'Doherty

Guy and Tim are joined by Irish comedian and bicycle-enthusiast, David O'Doherty. The former have ruined the latter’s day by making him watch Furious 7; a movie featuring the boy's first sighting of Paul Walker (as they watch the series in reverse order), the introduction of Kurt Russel to the franchise (when viewing in the correct order) and it also quite a lot of cars. The trio are yearning for unfettered cartoon physics and full-blown horniness to be inserted into the movie but sadly, it never cums. There is a sad revisit to the theory that all the characters of the Fast universe seem to be unkillable, and are therefore highly damaged, trapped demi-Gods unable to ever enjoy the sweet release of death. Incredible sports quotes and outrageously incorrect assertions about when Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park await your beautiful ears.

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