14: Cyclone

Timbo and GuyGuy have been to podcast therapy/mediation to work on their connection and the results are middling. It's been a challenging watch, in trying conditions as despite both being in the same city, they are separated by a literal cyclone. Guy unearths an Architectural Digest tour of Tyrese's mansion before sharing an infamous Instagram post by The Rock that was made on the last week of filming F8. It is bombshell material. Tim speculates on the beef/working conditions of the F8 set and what insecurities collaborating with The Rock may have unearthed in Vin Diesel. A feeble attempt to lighten the mood comes in the form of a pitch for a ghastly alternative F8 involving the Red Dragons (the girls soccer team that Hobbs/The Rock coaches).

PRODUCTION NOTE: Tim misgendered Ezra Miller in this episode. He apologises and regrets the error.

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