What will the return of the Marcos dynasty mean for the Philippines?

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, son of the Philippines’ former dictator, who was ousted in 1986, won a decisive victory in the presidential election on Monday 9 May, according to unofficial results. Emily Tamkin and Katie Stallard in Washington DC discuss what the Marcos dynasty’s return to power will mean for the country, as well as its relations with China.

Meanwhile, both Russia and Ukraine observed Victory Day on the anniversary of Germany’s defeat in the Second World War. Katie and Emily discuss the competing narratives of the countries’ leaders, and the latest on Russia’s war.

Then in a special You Ask Us our producer, Adrian Bradley, reports from Turin, where Eurovision 2022 is being held, to answer a listener’s question on how the song contest can be reconciled with all the turmoil and violence in Europe right now.

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