The US: whose country, ’tis of thee? | Nationalism Reimagined

Politicians around the world use nationalism. They use it to win elections, and to stoke fear, and to gain and hold on to power. This kind of nationalism is exclusive, often based on ethnicity, race or religion. 


But is there another way? This series will look at nationalism in its different forms around the world, and alternative approaches to creating a sense of nationhood. Can these divisive politics be countered by building a civic, liberal nationalism?


In this fourth and final episode, Emily Tamkin looks at nationalism in the United States. First, Ishaan Tharoor, columnist on the foreign desk at the Washington Post, talks about how he understands American nationalism, and where it sits on the worldwide spectrum of nationalist politics. Then, Nell Irvin Painter, American historian, explains why she’s thinking about the local and the global, not the national. 

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Emily asks is this America's last real election?

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