BONUS: What will Zeitenwende mean for Germany? With Katarina Barley, vice-president of the European Parliament

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke of a watershed moment for Europe and announced a shift in Germany’s approach to foreign policy. In this special episode, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), World Review looks at the context of this shift and whether it will make a difference to how Germany interacts with the world.


Megan Gibson speaks to Katarina Barley, the vice-president of the European Parliament and a SPD politician in Germany, about what this change will look like.


Then she discusses Germany’s approach to foreign relations with Sophia Besch from the Centre for European Reform, Jeremy Cliffe, the New Statesman’s writer-at-large, and Christos Katsioulis, head of the FES regional centre for cooperation and peace in Europe, in a conversation recorded shortly after the FES Tiergarten Conference “Zeitenwende: Into a new era”, held in June.


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