Angela Merkel's effect on the German election campaigns | Germany Elects

In the latest episode of our special series on the German election, Jeremy Cliffe in Berlin is joined by Michaela Kuefner, Chief Political Editor at Deutsche Welle and host of the podcast Merkel’s Last Dance, and Dr. Alex Clarkson of King's College, London. They discuss Angela Merkel’s legacy, how the “Merkel factor” has shaped the election and why Armin Laschet's Christian Democrats are struggling to win voters over with their campaign.

Jeremy also speaks to the New Statesman's election data expert, Ben Walker, for an update on the latest polls.

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The fateful chancellor: what the end of the Merkel era means for the world, by Jeremy Cliffe

The Merkel paradox: how the chancellor’s strengths weakened Germany, by Dr. Alex Clarkson

How Olaf Scholz and the SPD could lead Germany’s next government, by Jeremy Cliffe

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