16. Metacast #1 pt.2 | Simon Iatrou, Will Easton, James Pinder & Ian Ellison

We're back with part 2 of the inaugural Workplace Matters Metacast, where Ian and James from 3edges are joined by i-FM.net editor Simon Iatrou and independent workplace specialist Will Easton, to explore workplace issues through non-workplace podcasts episodes. Very meta.

If you’ve not listened to episode 15 part 1 yet then go do that first, or it might feel like you've walked in on a really interesting conversation halfway through. Because that’s exactly what you've done...

Podcast episode selections:

Big overall themes include:

  • How new technology affects us both individually and collectively - in the workplace and beyond

  • Human responses as both individuals and institutions (like for example organisations and governments) - predictable and otherwise

  • The sorts of information and data we do (and don’t) respond to

  • How our level of involvement in something affects our ability, understanding and desire to change

And finally some key learning points from our round table reflections at the end of the session:

  • The power of stories: the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell others

  • The importance of ‘narrative’ when it comes to anything to do with workplace - there has to be a message that resonates emotionally with people

  • The importance of leadership (not only management) in workplace change

  • Fundamentally, is leadership about the management of meaning?

  • The power of podcasts as an accessible, on demand, democratic learning tool... to listen to, share and discuss stories!

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And a huge thanks to the fantastic Kelham Island Brewery in Sheffield for hosting us.