How to build a festival business (with Hannah Sharman-Cox, founder of London Cocktail Week)

In episode six of Work It - the female entrepreneurs podcast brought to you by Work.Life and Angelica Malin - we're talking to Hannah Sharman-Cox, founder of London Cocktail Week and DrinkUp.London. What began as a side project in 2010, London Cocktail Week has grown and grown from humble beginnings - with London Wine Week, London Beer Week and DrinkUp.London being added to the fold. To date, the three festivals have welcomed over 150,000 guests and injected more than two million pounds of revenue directly back into the London hospitality trade through the festival pass scheme alone. We talk to Hannah about all things business - from starting small, building a team, raising investment and creating successful large-scale events. Don't forget to subscribe, and follow @workdotlife and @jellymalin on social, and visit to find your perfect workspace.


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