Welcome to your office in the metaverse

Big tech companies such as Meta, which owns Facebook, are throwing billions of dollars into developing their version of the metaverse – virtual spaces where we are all represented by 3D avatars or holographic versions of ourselves. It’s a vision that includes offices in the metaverse, and companies including consultancy Accenture are already using VR headsets and virtual worlds to onboard and train new staff. Working It host Isabel Berwick talks to Lynn Wu, a Wharton Business School professor and an expert on emerging technologies, and Dave Lee, the FT’s San Francisco-based tech correspondent, to find out more about the workplace metaverse. What kinds of ethical questions are raised when working in a world beyond national and corporate borders? What rights will employees have? 

Want more? 

What are our employment rights in the metaverse?


What do tech companies hope will be the wider potential of the metaverse?


A look inside Accenture’s “virtual campus” called Nth Floor gives a good idea about how a workplace metaverse will function  


FT Alphaville takes a sideways glance at what the metaverse hype really means


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