Seyi Akiwowo, Founder & Exec Director at Glitch UK: How can we can end online abuse forever

Seyi Akiwowo is a British women’s rights activist and campaigner, the Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, A not-for-profit organisation determined to end online abuse. Seyi was also selected as the Amnesty International Human Rights Defender in 2018 and is a UK Digital Leader of the Year. Seyi has also been named as one of the Evening Standard’s “Progress 1000” most influential people in London 2019.


In this episode, Seyi Akiwowo talks to Anne-Marie about being targeted by neo-nazis online inspired her global fight against abuse on the web. She talks about how to help #FixTheGlitch in the internet through Digital Citizenship and Digital advocacy, to promote positive communication online and the protection of women online. 


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