Lilian Rincon, Google: OK Google, how do you build an assistant for 2.5 billion people?

You probably know Google Assistant – the voice on the end of your phone or smart-speaker summoned when you say ‘OK Google’. This clever AI assistant can perform more than a million actions (including, famously, making phone calls on users behalf) and is present on more than 2.5 billion Android devices around the world. Plus it plays a part in a range of tasks on desktop and in Google search. The guest for this episode of Women Tech Charge is Lilian Rincon – the incredible woman behind this remarkable product.

In this episode, Lilian talks to Anne Marie about the tech behind the Assistant, as well as some of the ethical thinking that goes into creating an AI powered product with truly global reach… and how she became the head of product for one of the most powerful new technologies in the world.

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