Reclaim Her Name

Today’s book club is all about Reclaim Her Name – a 25 book collection Women's Prize for Fiction sponsor Baileys have re-printed with a twist. 


Throughout history, female writers have had to write under male pen names for their work to be published or taken seriously. The Reclaim Her Name collection aims to give these women the credit they deserve. For the first time, Baileys is printing the real names of these women writers on their books.


Zing Tsjeng is joined by Catherine Nichols, an academic who has first-hand experience of writing under a male pseudonym, Kamila Shamsie, a British Pakistani writer and novelist who won the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2018 with Home Fire and finally, our Founder Director and international bestselling author Kate Mosse, who has been a key part of the research that went into putting this collection together.

The reading list:

Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans (AKA George Eliot)

Marie of the Cabin Club by Ann Petry (AKA Arnold Petri)

Ye Game and Playe of Chesse and The Bicycle Race by Alice Dunbar Nelson (AKA Monroe Wright)

We also have actor Tori Allen-Martin treating us to readings, plus an interview between Zing and Ann Petry's daughter.

Every fortnight, join Zing Tsjeng, editor at VICE, and inspirational guests, including Dolly Alderton, Stanley Tucci, Liv Little and Scarlett Curtis as they celebrate the best fiction written by women. They'll discuss the diverse back-catalogue of Women’s Prize-winning books spanning a generation, explore the life-changing books that sit on other women’s bookshelves and talk about what the future holds for women writing today. The Women’s Prize for Fiction is one of the most prestigious literary awards in the world, and this series will also take you behind the scenes throughout 2020 as we explore the history of the Prize in its 25th year and gain unique access to the shortlisted authors and the 2020 Prize winner. Sit back and enjoy.

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