Tiffiny Hall – the secret to self-love and the transformative power of exercising your "no" muscle

Author. Mega-trainer. Body image advocate. Tiffiny Hall has been part of the Aussie fitness scene for over a decade. But, as you’ll discover in this raw, emotional and truly inspiring chat, there’s so much more to this ground-breaking powerhouse than just her black belt in Taekwondo. From battling it out on TV show Gladiators to helping people change their lives on The Biggest Loser, the founder of health and fitness program TIFFXO has long been known for her straight-talking, honest and warm approach. But when her first child, Arnold, was born almost two years ago, it led to an unexpected epiphany about the insane pressure society places on women to “bounce back” after pregnancy, and led to the kind of joy and strength she’d only ever dreamed on. Now, she’s on a brand new mission: Helping other women accept and love their bodies (and be a little kinder to themselves) every single day. In this episode, she shares the private health challenge that’s turned her into the fighter she is today. And talks openly about success, self-love, motherhood, motivation and how learning to exercise your “no” muscle could actually change your life.

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