The Power of Inclusive Beauty with Tali and Shaanti from All Shades Matter

Make-up is just make-up, right? It doesn’t really have the power to change the world, whether that be your inner world and how you feel, or the outer world. I mean, it’s just about aesthetics.

Or is it?

Imagine going to a make-up counter and discovering that out of all the foundation shades on the shelves, there was nothing that matched your skin tone? If you've been privileged enough to never have experienced this, it makes you feel almost invisible and left out. Like you don’t matter enough to be given an option.

In today’s episode, our commissioning editor Alex Davies speaks to two Aussies who know that make-up does have the power to change the world. Tali Mason and Shaanti Wallbridge became friends as kids, after their parents connected while adopting them from India to Australia. They’ve now taken their friendship next level, by going into business together as the founders of All Shades Matter Cosmetics. Their goal is to close the gap in make-up shade variety, specifically for people of colour; and to provide an inclusive foundation that caters to a diverse range of skin tones.

In this chat, Tali and Shaanti reflect on the struggles of finding foundation matches while growing up, and the impact that had on their confidence; as well as their passion for inclusive beauty and – above all – helping people to feel “thought of, validated and empowered”.

After all, as Shaanti says, “We’ve got a country that is so diverse and multicultural, why aren’t we catering for that?”


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