Teresa Palmer: Embracing the chaos of life

The reason we’re chatting to Teresa Palmer today has nothing to do with her acting cred (see: Ride Like A Girl and A Discovery of Witches) but everything to do with making sure that as women, we are talking more about our shared experiences. Not just the fun stuff, which we tend to do anyway, but especially when those experiences are hard.

She has a new book out right now, Zen Mamas: Finding Your Path Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (Ebury Illustrated, $34.99), which she cowrote with her friend Sarah Wright Olsen. And just like in the book, in our Uninterrupted chat, the mum to six-year-old son Bodhi, three-year-old son Forest and one-year-old daughter Poet; and 12-year-old stepson, Isaac, gets raw and honest. She talks about her pregnancy loss, how she and her husband Mark got through his experience of postpartum anxiety, and the way she’s navigating life through the coronavirus pandemic.

In this episode we also chat about:

·     What she’s learnt about herself from being forced to slow down during the COVID-19 lockdowns

·     The guided meditations she does with her kids

·     The journaling app she uses to do a daily brain dump

·     Why she thinks we need to move away from the term “miscarriage” and talk instead about “pregnancy loss”

·     Cultivating moments of self-care in her day (“They are fleeting!”, she laughs)

·     Tiger King (because, isn’t everyone?)

·     Letting go of our expectations of motherhood


Your host is Lizza Gebilagin (@lizza_marie)

With thanks to our guest Teresa Palmer (@teresapalmer)

Your producer is Elissa Ratliff (@lizaratliff)

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