Marika Day – gut health, celery juice and the power of yoga

While our latest guest is all about BS-free advice, she isn’t afraid to talk shit. As a dietitian and nutritionist with a focus on digestive health, Marika Day is here to educate and raise awareness about the gut.

The timing couldn’t be better, really. Stats suggest that half of us complain of a digestive problem in any 12-month period. One in five Aussies struggle with irritable bowel syndrome, with women twice more likely to be affected than men. The gut has become one of the biggest areas in the wellness world, with bloating positivity now a social media movement, people knocking back kombucha, and everyone from Kayla Itsines to Karlie Kloss talking about gut health. Bill Gates is even investing in probiotic research.

But, where does the hype end and the reality begin? And what steps will actually help you look after your gut? In this chat with WH features editor Alex Davies, Marika answers all this and more.

Show notes:

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Bill Gates is investing in gut health

Karlie Kloss backs new probiotic brand

Low FODMAP diet could help runners beat stomach issues

Can celery juice heal your gut?

Yoga vs a low-FODMAP diet in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Everything you need to know about the FODMAP diet

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