Resident Evil’s Ella Balinska | Training for an Apocalypse and Post-Pandemic World

Rewind your mind back to 2020. No, not the first optimistic month but the moment we all realised the pandemic had taken hold of the world and our lives had changed forever in ways we were yet to know. It was during that time, quarantined in South Africa and far away from her family and friends in the UK, that actor Ella Balinska spent her days in an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies that were the result of a pandemic.

Cue: cortisol explosion.

At least that’s how I responded while I was watching Ella in the new Netflix series Resident Evil, streaming now.

As I watched her running and fighting from pandemic-originated monsters in the first few episodes, I wondered, how did she get fit for the role and how did she stay mentally fit while going through the very real anxiety of how COVID was affecting our world?

In this episode, I chat with the UK native, now residing in LA, about her love of spin and netball, how she finally started meditating and why she’s happy to be known for her action roles.


This podcast was hosted and produced by WH editor-in-chief Lizza Gebilagin, with additional sound editing by Abby Williams.

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