Laura Wells and Lottie Dalziel – living your best eco life and showing the planet some love

Why is doing our bit for the environment so important? What easy moves and eco swaps can we make that'll actually make a difference? Why are we all plogging every weekend – and what the heck is that anyway?

Here to chat about all this and more, our latest guests are some of the most passionate and driven people we've met when it comes to sustainability and showing the planet some love.


First up, Laura Wells. A presenter, model, climate activist and ocean lover, Laura uses her platform to advocate for social and environmental change. With degrees in biological science as well as law, she’s worked with the likes of Greenpeace, WWF Australia and The Boomerang Alliance, and is about empowering us all as individuals to make a difference.


We also have Lottie Dalziel, who actually used to work on the digital team at Women’s Health. Alongside her day job with us, she launched two businesses. One of those is Banish, an online education platform and store selling eco-friendly products. Lottie was inspired to create it after taking on her own 31-day waste less challenge – something we’ll talk more about later. Earlier this year, she took the leap to focus on Banish full-time, so it’s great to catch up with her back at Women’s Health HQ.

Show notes:

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